The Shining Wizards Network began broadcasting on June 19, 2013, and
is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including
pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, television, movies, and of
course, wrestling. Featuring the Shining Wizards, Neckbreaker,
Turnbuckle Throwbacks, and Two and a Half Wrestlers, and exclusive shows
The Midnight Jury, Justin Credible's Pro Wrestling 101, Apex Radio.
The Shining Wizards Network. Entertainment. Here.

Four guys talking about the good, the bad, the ups, and
the downs, of professional wrestling. They
take a sometimes angry and mostly humorous
look at all aspects of the business.
It's Wrestling Talk... and Talk about Wrestling!

NECKBREAKER is a pro wrestling and heavy metal themed
podcast. Guest interviews, wrestling headlines, and
metal news while hosts Brian and John, and wrestling
correspondent Chris Kessaris, get DRUNK.

A show about making it in the pro wrestling business
Hosted by 20 year veteran and Hardcore Icon
Justin Credible, he provides insight from all
aspects, including how to work a match, locker
room etiquette, promo work, and much more.

"The Impact Playa" Phil Raia and Dave "Mega" Powers
get together to dissect the current wrestling scene
and pay homage to the old school as well.

Mike Noringonger and Adam Henning host the Midnight
Jury, a podcast that "Transports you BACK to the LAST
old school generation." They debate in detail 80's and 90's
pro wrestling. horror movies, and pop culture.
Before the internet, before Blu-Ray, before cell phones,
there was the LAST old school generation.

Two professional wrestlers (Pat Buck/Kevin Matthews)
and another guy (J-Silva) give insight to a wonderful
yet corrupt industry of wrestling.

Canadian wrestling fan and photographer Stickman has
made a triumphant return to podcasting, bringing
not only his perspective of the Ottawa wrestling scene
but also his unique brand of humor and insightful
interviews with some of the young stars of Canada.