The Shining Wizards Network began broadcasting on June 19, 2013, and
is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including
pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, television, movies,
and, of course, wrestling.
The Shining Wizards Network. Entertainment. Here.

Four guys talking about the good, the bad, the ups, and
the downs, of professional wrestling. They
take a sometimes angry and mostly humorous
look at all aspects of the business.
It's Wrestling Talk... and Talk about Wrestling!

The legendary independent wrestling tournament now has it's
own podcast, as part of The Shining Wizards Network!
Hosted by the "KG" Kevin Gill of Kevin Gill Show and
Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the show discusses all
things regarding the King Of Indies tournament. Join KG,
Markus Mack (All Pro Wrestling) and Gabe Ramirez (Pro
Wrestling Revolution) as they journey down the road
to Wrestlemania Weekend!!!

"The Impact Playa" Phil Raia and Dave "Mega" Powers
get together to dissect the current wrestling scene
and pay homage to the old school as well. From the
current to the wayback, it's the Turnbuckle Throwbacks!

Three professional wrestlers (Pat Buck/Kevin Matthews/Brian Myers)
and another guy (J-Silva) give insight to the wonderful
yet corrupt industry of wrestling. They're mostly serious and
angry often, but lots of times, they're just bustin'.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s Dave D-Struction hits the radio
hard on Thursday nights, creating a path of “D-Struction”
in its wake. More than just a wrestling show, Dave covers
combat and team sports, host great guest interviews and
takes your calls! You better come hard and come correct
or you might suffer Dave’s unique brand of “D-Struction” yourself!

From the home of the Indianapolis 500, Justin, the two Timmys, Vince,
and Dave bring you the best in geek culture with a peppering of pro
wrestling talk. From their top ten lists to the latest
news and updates to fancasting, the Inconclusive Breakdown
is the place to satisfy all your pop culture needs!

NECKBREAKER is a pro wrestling and heavy metal themed
podcast. Guest interviews, wrestling headlines, and
metal news while hosts Brian and John, and wrestling
correspondent Chris Kessaris, get DRUNK.

From north of the border in Ottawa, Ontario, comes
Stickman, bringing you the wrestling news and
interviews from the Canadian indy scene.
Humorous and insightful, it's the most electifying
podcast in sports and entertainment.

Mike Noringonger and Adam Henning host the Midnight
Jury, a podcast that "Transports you BACK to the LAST
old school generation." They debate in detail 80's and 90's
pro wrestling, horror movies, and pop culture.
Before the internet, before Blu-Ray, before cell phones,
there was the LAST old school generation.

The gang from WLW Studios brings another exciting podcast
to the Network, taking you back to the first decade of
the new millenium, looking at all things 2000-2010.
It's a monthly look at everything fron the last decade
in pop culture, film, television, and wrestling!

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Two and a Half
Turnbuckle Throwbacks
Apex Radio
Inconclusive Breakdown
Thursday Night
The Midnight Jury
After Midnight

Retired Shows

Pro Wrestling 101
Forearms and Funk
Fallen Angels
The Final Say

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