A Drink with Gino, Season 2 Episode 4

Upgrade! Gino’s got a new bartender?
This hot tomato’s got an attitude!

Gino & Johnny welcome a new drinking buddy, CZW star Brandon Kirk! Talk about shots fired!
Death matches, making friends, mma vs. wrestling ,Jeff Cannonball, Steve Mack and Chris Benoit?
What does Dan Barry have in common with Ric Flair?

An unexpected and unwanted interruption by one of the Shook snooks Bobby Orlando and his sheep.

CPA is back with WCW limericks & If he isn’t nerdy enough, Mike Ace Maillarro brings you up to date on…comics?

All this and more on @ADrinkwithGino

Bartender- Gracemarie Loretta


A Drink with Gino, Season 2 Episode 4

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