A Genuine Taste of D-Struction! D-S 101 Ep. 46

Dave Sturchio is back for episode 46! However, He’s not alone! Host of “Genuine Taste of Wrestling” Shawn Donavan is in studio to record and preview WrestlePro’s “Brace For Impact” ! Match by Match, Dave and Shawn break it down and give their opinions on each match that is going to go down on February 3rd, 2018 at the Rahway Rec Center! They Answer your questions, give their opinions on the current state of Pro Wrestling and what’s in store for WrestlePro going forward! Follow Dave on all his social media outlets Facebook.com/DStruction101 along with Twitter: @DaveSturchio , Instagram: @davesturchio and Snapchat: davedstruction2 ! Follow Shawn Donavan on all media platforms @ShawnDonavan01! Thanks for Listening!‚Äč

A Genuine Taste of D-Struction!

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