Shining Wizards 318: Pen Pals

Tony covers the build to Great Balls of Fire, the ongoing saga of Jim Cornette and Vince Russo, the destructive beatdowns on Raw, the rebooking of the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, and the amazing Mix TV segment with the Ball family. It’s something we’d never thought we’d…

D-Struction 101 Ep. 25

Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio is back with Episode 25 of D-Struction 101! Exclusively on the Shining Wizards Network AND the B+ Player Radio Network as well! Thank you for the new listeners. Did Dave hit 250,000 total listens?! Independent Wrestler and best buddy in Wrestling, Chris Payne joins the show and…

My Unconventional Life 58: Rafaela

Monologue about my burgeoning, strong, emotions about my parenting partner Eri, and an insightful lunch with parenting partnership godmother Rachel. Plus the interview with the sweet Rafaela who talks openly, and courageously, about her past relationships and new worldviews. My Unconventional Life 58

Neckbreaker Ep. 122: The Summoned ‘Sessions’

Brian is joined by past alumni Steve Thompson and Shaun Murphy from the progressive death metal band The Summoned! On this brief Facebook live show, they discuss The Summoned’s first new album in over 6 years ‘Sessions’, weird lineups they’ve been on, tour tips, advice for new bands, and more….

D-Struction 101 Ep. 24

Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio is back with another (shorter) episode of D-Struction101 brought to you by The Shining Wizards Network! “Consistency is Key”. D-Struction just got done broadcasting a 3 and a half hour football game! How was Legends of the Ring? Fight Anyone? – WrestlePro comes off another HUGE show…

My Unconventional Life 57: Tony Part 2

Monologue about unexpected emotions surrounding my parenting partner and how people come and go from your life. Plus the second part of my interview with Tony, my old university friend, who is raising an eighteen-month-old son with his Japanese wife, so has lots of advice and insight for me. My…

D-Struction 101 Ep. 23

Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio is back with a brand new installment of D-Struction101 featuring some new voices! D-Struction recaps his weekend of celebration! It’s Show week! WrestlePro returns this week to Keyport, NJ! Debuting for Tier 1 on Sunday, FINALLY! The NHL Stanley Cup Championship is way better than the NBA…

My Unconventional Life 56: Tony

Monologue about what might be driving Snapchat’s popularity and a discussion with Eri about jealousy Plus the interview with Tony, my old university friend, who is raising an eighteen-month-old son with his Japanese wife, so has lots of advice and insight for me. My Unconventional Life 56

Shining Wizards 314: Finn Fann

Kevin and Tony bring you the Two Man Group from Studio A with a smattering of Extreme Rules and Raw results. Of course, there’s some belt talk including the original Winged Eagle Belt, the Macho Man Velcro belt, the Hardcore Title and the Mr. Perfect smashed belt, the NJPW Intercontinental…

Neckbreaker 121: Obituary

Brian talks to Donald Tardy from the legendary death metal band Obituary! They discuss life on the road, crowdfunding, touring overseas, their new album, and much more. Later the wrestling panel covers the latest headlines, continues the History of Wrestling Video games, and hosts a social media Q&A. Neckbreaker 121