American Loser BONUS: Interview with Dr David Warmflash/ Moon Landings and more

Fan and Friend of the Show, Dr David Warmflash joins us from the west coast for an interview about the curiosities behind the Moon landings and more. David’s book “Moon: An Illustrated History” is a fantastic way to learn more about this topic…AND IT HAS PICTURES! Enjoy this bonus episode interview that Kahuna bravely did for us while going through a tropical storm! American Loser

American Loser: Frank and Jesse James (American Loser/I Can Steal That! Crossover)

Special crossover edition of “Loser” this week as stand up comic and host of “I can steal that!” Pete Stegemeyer joins forces with KP and the Kahuna to tell the story of Frank and Jesse James and their gangs brazen, never before attempted day time bank robberies. We give some backstory on the James Gang, Pete walks us through the heists in great detail and then Kahuna casts a dream…

American Loser: Carl Panzram, aka GG Allin without a guitar

Guest, comedian and delinquent Andy Lawson returns! This week while LP is out camping in West Jersey we’re talking Carl Panzram one of America’s most prolific murderers and criminals in history. With a story so awful it’s almost charming, Carl shows us why they called him "Rage Personified" and what an opening line tells you about about a person. American Loser

American Loser: NASA’s Nazi, Wernher Von Braun

This guy helped us put a man on the moon…but man does he have a shady past. Wernher Von Braun is the REASON NASA worked but he was also a card carrying member of the Nazi party! How deep does his involvement go? Was it on paper or was he doing some really bad shit? How did he wind up in America? Find out all this and more with this…

American Loser: Charles Lee, the D-Bag of the American Revolution

Charles Lee was almost the biggest hero of the American Revolution…but he was kind of a jerk. He picked fights all over the place, talked trash about George Washington, got captured by the British in a whorehouse, may have committed treason and got a court martial at the Battle of Monmouth. Enjoy the wild story of Charles Lee while comedian Joe Carney lends us some “voices.” American Loser

American Loser: Orson Welles, Under-appreciated genius of film, radio and everything else he touched

Strap in… this one is a wild, bumpy and at times overwhelming ride. Orson Welles is a man of every talent. He’s been called the boy genius, the problem child, the master of the medium, the bullshit artist, the God of the Damned and a one man American Institution. His story has ZERO uninteresting parts. He feuds with billionaires, gets badmouthed by Nazis, marries Hollywood starlets, gets exiled to Europe,…

American Loser: America’s Emperor?

America is a democracy! Sure? We’ve never had a monarch! Right? Well today we’re telling the story of Joshua Abraham Norton…Emperor of America and Protector of Mexico….in a 100 PERCENT true story we tell the story of the unofficial ambassador of San Francisco while we also sneak in a little history of the 49′ Gold Rush. Emperor Norton is not an episode to be missed! American Loser

American Loser: Mike Fink – King of the River and sort of a jerk

Part tall tale, part hero, part jerk but all “Loser” comes this week’s installment of the podcast. Mike Fink is a hard guy to get the facts on but the stuff we did find helped us gather some ideas about the “Half man/ Half Alligator” and as we try to put together the mysterious of how a drunken river pirate brawler got a ride named after him in DisneyLand. Enjoy!…

American Loser: Smedley Butler aka the Real Captain America

For Memorial Day, we’re happy to give you a mega sized episode of American Loser. LP is LIVE in studio with us for a topic we’ve been waiting to cover for months. At the time of his death, Smedley Butler was the most highly decorated Marine in American history. He pretty much conquered small nations, whooped asses, fixed problems, ran Philly, found a dead body part of Stonewall Jackson, earned…

American Loser: The Mysterious Mary Celeste

Everyone loves mysteries and ghost stories…this one is kinda both. The curious case of the Mary Celeste is intriguing and raises the hair on your arms a little. We cover the story from the very beginning to the unconventional end with plenty of creepy stops in between. We cover the superstitions of both old and modern sailors….LP returns next week and feel free to check out our Patreon to get…

American Loser: Nathan Hale – Double D’oh Seven

Back in action as best we can! Kahuna and I are holed up in an undisclosed location and bringing you a “Loser” to behold. The legendary Nathan Hale, the first spy to die in service of America. The story contains all the classic elements…some dumb shit, some cool stuff, some Loser-ceptions and of course…a Jersey connection. Enjoy guys, we’re happy to be back. American Lose

American Loser: Hard Hat Riots of 1970

Corona be damned…we’re firing off a great episode from our quarantined bunker about the wild month leading up to and following the “Hard Hat Riots” of 1970. We’re talking Kent State, Nixon, bombing Cambodia, Frank Serpico and more. This episode gets LP talking about his youthful first hand experiences and we even get Kahuna to laugh from within his gas mask. Enjoy! American Loser