Neckbreaker 125: Summerslam 2017 Special

Our 5th annual Summerslam preview special! The panel covers the latest metal headlines including Dillinger Escape Plan’s last show, Linkin Park Ebay paydays, cancelled festivals, and much more. Later in the show, the stacked wrestling panel runs down the entire Summerslam card and gives drunk insights and predictions. Neckbreaker 125

Neckbreaker Ep. 124: Outer Heaven

Brian talks to Zak Carter from the PA death metal band Outer Heaven! They discuss ECW, pay to play in Pennsylvania, worst shows, and much more. Later the wrestling panel covers New Japan, Jason Jordan, Global Force Wrestling, and Kessaris continues the History of Pro Wrestling Games segment. Neckbreaker 124

Neckbreaker Ep. 123: Misery Signals

Brian talks to Ryan Morgan from Misery Signals! Ryan discusses their new documentary, reunions, basement shows, and more. Later the wrestling panel covers Jinder Mahal, Slammiversary, ROH, etc. The show wraps with the History of Wrestling Video Games and a review for the HHH movie The Chaperone. Neckbreaker Ep. 123

Neckbreaker Ep. 122: The Summoned ‘Sessions’

Brian is joined by past alumni Steve Thompson and Shaun Murphy from the progressive death metal band The Summoned! On this brief Facebook live show, they discuss The Summoned’s first new album in over 6 years ‘Sessions’, weird lineups they’ve been on, tour tips, advice for new bands, and more….

Neckbreaker 121: Obituary

Brian talks to Donald Tardy from the legendary death metal band Obituary! They discuss life on the road, crowdfunding, touring overseas, their new album, and much more. Later the wrestling panel covers the latest headlines, continues the History of Wrestling Video games, and hosts a social media Q&A. Neckbreaker 121

Neckbreaker 120: Decrepit Birth

We shoot the breeze with Matt and Sean from Decrepit Birth! They discuss their new album progress, fans filming sets, and much more. We also announce our signing to Blog Talk Radio and our wrestling panel with guest cohost WM covers the latest headlines, WWE Backlash, and wrestling video games….

Neckbreaker Ep. 119: Gorgatron

Paul, Matt, Karl, and Cameron from the Fargo death metal band Gorgatron stop by the studio on their recent tour! They discuss the Fargo metal scene, tips for touring bands, their favorite pro wrestling moments, worst shows, and more. Later Kessaris continues his History of Wrestling Video Games segment. Segment…

Neckbreaker 118: Lattermath

Derek Sampson and Ben Cohen from the Boston prog metal band Lattermath stop by the studio. They discuss past projects, bands they’d like to go on tour with, best/worst shows, and more. Later Kessaris continues The History of Wrestling Video Games and the panel plays the Metal Archives Album Rating…

Neckbreaker 117: Warbringer

Brian interviews John Kevill from the thrash band Warbringer! They discuss playing Wacken, their hiatus, thoughts on crowdfunding, and much more. Later, the wrestling panel wraps up their Wrestlemania Weekend coverage and introduces a brand new segment on The History of Wrestling Video Games. Segment breakdowns: 0:00:44 Interview with John…

Neckbreaker 116: Ritual Fest / Wrestlemania 33

Brian briefly interviews Dan Vaughn, the promoter of the UK’s Ritual Festival to discuss the fest, booking advice, pay to play, and more. Later, the wrestling panel with Brian, Sir Kessaris, Chris from Vattnet, Ali formerly from Hivesmasher, and past cohost John Aubrey covers the Wrestlemania 33 card. Segment breakdowns:…

Neckbreaker 115: Cattle Decapitation

Brian talks to Josh Elmore from Cattle Decapitation aboard 70000Tons! They discuss basement shows, 80’s wrestlers, the Metal Blade anniversary tour, and more. Later the wrestling panel with guest cohost Kevin Ord from Codex Obscurum covers WWE Fast Lane, the Hardys leaving Impact, Goldberg, and more. Segment breakdowns: 0:00:47 Interview…

Neckbreaker 114: Angra / Capitol Wrestling

Brian talks to the legendary power metal band Angra aboard 70000tons! They discuss the evolution of power metal, having their own beer, and more. Later the news panel with guest cohost Greg Massi covers New Japan, Nile, and more. The show closes up with Capitol Wrestling co-creators Matt and Marcus….

Neckbreaker 113: Testament

Brian talks to Chuck Billy from Testament aboard the 70000Tons of Metal Cruise! They discuss basement shows, SOD, old school wrestling, and more. Later, the news panel with guest cohost Dave Coyne and Steve/Shaun from The Summoned covers Code Orange, Eyehategod, Seth Rollins, Kenny Omega, and more. Neckbreaker 113

Neckbreaker 112: Cultural Warfare

Brian talks to Jacques Serrano from the bay area thrash band Cultural Warfare! They discuss their new EP Future Kill, ways to improve the metal scene, favorite metal festivals, and much more. Later, the wrestling news panel with guest cohost Joey Feeley covers Kurt Angle, TNA, The Young Bucks, and…

Neckbreaker 111: Artificial Brain / Cognitive

Brian stops by this year’s Hothfest in Chicopee, MA! The show opens with Artificial Brain sharing past tour stories, the writing process for their new album, sketchy places on the road, and more. Later Rob and Harry from the death metal band Cognitive join the show to discuss member changes,…

Neckbreaker 109: Year-End Awards

Former co-host John Aubrey returns to the show for one night only to discuss our year-end awards! We cover categories from the worlds of heavy metal and pro wrestling including best album, worst shows, best tour package, worst news item, best/worst feuds, most improved wrestler, the new ‘half a beer’…

Neckbreaker 108: Goratory

Adam Mason from the recently reunited death metal band Goratory and Evan Duplessis from Bacterial Husk visit the studio for a ridiculous conversation! They discuss Goratory’s upcoming appearance at Maryland Deathfest, share international tour stories, drink beer, and cover the latest metal and wrestling headlines. Neckbreaker 108

Neckbreaker 107: Backyard Wrestling

Brian interviews Phil and Frank from a New Hampshire based backyard wrestling group. They discuss criticism, injuries, goals, why they haven’t been trained professionally, and more. Later, Ross Netherton joins our metal and wrestling panel to discuss the new Metallica album, Survivor Series, Eyehategod, and more. Neckbreaker 107

Neckbreaker 106: Solium Fatalis

Christopher Riechmann from Hailnothing joins the wrestling panel to cover Donald Trump’s wrestling past, Survivor Series, a TNA network and more. Later, we air a replay of our recent Facebook live show with Jeff Demarco and Jim Gregory from the NH metal band Solium Fatalis to discuss their brand new…