My Unconventional Life 54: Senor

Monologue about positivity after my trip to the UK, dissipating concerns about being intimate with Eri, and the wonder of just kissing. Plus my interview with my very good friend Senor, getting into his experiences with non monogamy and my plans to potentially make a baby soon. My Unconventional Life…

My Unconventional Life 51: Alan Lewis

Monologue about reflections on the dichotomy between a parenting partnership and romance, and the positive journey it’s inspiring. Plus the first part of my mega three-part interview with my best friend Al, whose friendship has been one of, if not the, best I’ve ever known. My Unconventional Life 51

My Unconventional Life 49: Ange

Monologue finally back in LA, detailing the various thoughts and ideas regarding dating and parenting inspired recently by books and TV. Plus the first part of my interview with my friend Ange whose friendship has helped me develop my own ideas about non-exclusive relationships. My Unconventional Life 49