My Unconventional Life 29: Abby

A positive monologue about being back in the US, thoughts from visiting friends with children in the UK, and perhaps my returning libido. Plus my interview with Abby – a wonderful, totally chill, and loving girl I met through the poly meetup group she runs. All you need is love….

My Unconventional Life 24: Tim Antone

Monologue about my testosterone results and serious doubts about the feasibility of finding a parenting partner. Interview with my new roommate and SPLA massage teacher/sex guru Tim Antone. We talk about orgasmic meditation, the need to get out there, and some pretty important worldviews. My Unconventional Life 24

My Unconventional Life 20: Matt Sydal

Monologue about Rachel and I deciding not to move forward as parenting partners, and the coincidental renewed interest from other potential partners. Interview with Matt Sydal, great pro wrestler and friend, with insights into plant based medicine and a close shave with being a parent. My Unconventional Life 20