Midnight Jury 326: Creed II

The hiatus is over, and the boys are back in town! Join Mike and Cal as they both celebrate their 9 year anniversary and their 10th year of podcasting as they continue their tradition of the Rocky saga with a review of 2018’s CREED II.

Midnight Jury 325: Things – A Jury Watchalong

WARNING: This is the WORST movie we have EVER reviewed, talked about or have done a watch along for in our 9 year history, leading to what may be the WORST episode of the Midnight Jury ever. It was done in honor of “VHS Night” on The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs, in which Mike received a Iron Mutant Award for completing the double feature that included THINGS….

Midnight Jury Classic Ep. 68: “Scream”

Originally aired on 1/27/15, Midnite Mike and Adam travel back to 1996 to start the SCREAM franchise. With the new Scream 2022 in theaters, and our upcoming review of Scream 4 looming, we figured it’s only right to bring this out of the vault after 7 years! Midnight Jury Classic Ep. 68

Midnight Jury in Small Town X, Episode 1

The guys finally get on the case after watching episode 1 of MURDER IN SMALL TOWN X. They recap the episode, go over all 15 suspects and 10 investigators. In the end they provide you with their Top 3 Suspects, and which contestant is the bitch/dick of the week! Midnight Jury in Small Town X If you haven’t watched… Murder in Small Town X Episode 1 link below… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR444QIueDM And…

Midnight Jury in Small Town X, Pilot Episode

Join the Jury and help solve a murder! Mike, Cal and Tony discuss the premise of this 9 part series, their stories from 20 years ago that inspired this idea and how YOU can play along!! Pilot Episode For next episode… *WATCH Episode 1 of Murder in Small Town X below* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR444QIueDM