Ringside Rant 118: July 29, 1996 WCW Nitro

This week RJ and Justin rant about the famous Rey Mysterio “Lawn Dart” episode of WCW Monday Nitro. With the nWo running all over the WCW roster Justin and RJ break down what they thought of the show with some help from some of the loyal listeners of the show. We lastly get Hornets Beard Guy monthly run in. Listen to find out what we all have to say. Ringside…

Ringside Rant 117: DDP/Randy Savage WCW Rivalry

We Rant this week about the feud of 1997 “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Diamond Dallas Page. This rivalry was not like anyone in todays wrestling world, this rivalry lasted almost a whole calendar year. When you look back at the great rivalries in wrestling history this one is on the top of the list. Justin and RJ hope to do these two hall of famers justice while sprinkling in…

Ringside Rant 116: Conrad Thompson

Conrad Thompson is best known as the mortgage guy but he’s also know as the co host of Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, The Arn Show with Arn Anderson, What Happened When with Tony Schiavone, Grilling JR with Jim Ross, The Kurt Angle Show with Kurt Angle, and My World with Jeff Jarrett. However, he also is the creator of Ad free shows. As…

Ringside Rant 115: Jimmie Whisman

Rj welcomes Jimmie Whisman to the Ringside Rant this week. Jimmie is the co host of Crime in Sports and Small Town Murder with James Pietragallo. From starting at almost nothing to where Jimmie and James are now is a true testament that hard work does pay off. With covid being hard on a lot of people its been particularly hard on comedians and Jimmie says they are waiting until…

Ringside Rant 114: Eric Bischoff RAW Debut

We’re back and we’re better than ever!!! Justin and RJ Rant about Eric Bischoffs RAW debut on July 15, 2002. You all wanted it and we delivered this week as we get into the weeds numerous times. Justin and RJ take their moments in the sun as they go on their respective Rants during the show. Finally, a special thank you to Money Mike for all his great questions. Ringside…

Ringside Rant 113: Damo fka Killian Dain

In his first exclusive interview since his release from WWE Damo aka Killian Dain talks about his release from the company and what he thinks about his wife Nikki Cross and her new character on RAW. Additionally, we chat about what the possibilities were of Sanity going longer then they did and how he’s kept so positive. Robbie Brookside and William Regal were extremely important to his development in the…

Ringside Rant 112: Great American Bash 1990

This week Justin and RJ go back to 1990 and the Great American Bash. This pay-per-view was main evented by Ric Flair putting his heavyweight title on the line against Sting. The 1990 Great American Bash was an uneventful event coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland. RJ and Justin have some strong opinions about his event; download it today to find out what they had to say. Ringside Rant 112

Ringside Rant 111: Mike Chioda

On this special edition of Ringside Rant RJ welcomes former WWE referee for over 30 years Mike Chioda to the show. Mike is a new member of the Adfreeshows.com family where he teams with Paul Bromwell and brings “Monday Mailbag” to you soul on ad free shows. Being in the business as long as he has been there are plenty of stories that he talks about on this episode. From…

Ringside Rant 110: Terry Funk

On this episode Justin and RJ celebrate the 77th birthday of the hardcore legend Terry Funk. We talk about his great feud with Ric Flair as well as growing up in Texas and all the great talent that came from the state of Texas. Later in the episode Justin and RJ talk about when Terry Funk turned into the hardcore legend in Japan and in ECW. Ringside Rant 110

Ringside Rant 109: CM Punk

This week its clobbering time as Justin and RJ Rant about CM Punk and his pipe bomb promos from 2011. As one of the best promos in wrestling history its been a discussion for years on weather Punks promo was a work or a shoot. On this weeks episode the boys will weigh in on their opinions on the matter and so much more in addition. Ringside Rant 109

Ringside Rant 108: For the Love of Wrestling

All of us as wrestling fans had that moment when we fell in love with wrestling and on this weeks episode Justin and RJ discuss when they started watching wrestling; as well as what has kept them watching. One of our loyal fans Michael McLanahan suggested this weeks topic and we hope answered all his questions he had for us. Ringside Rant 108

Ringside Rant 107: The War Has Begun

Justin and RJ revisit the Monday Night Nitro from June 6, 1996 where we saw the newly inked Scott Hall introduced his ‘Huge” surprise Kevin Nash. This episode, the previous, and the following week are the three most crucial wrestling shows in the history of our great sport. In just a month we would see the formation of the New World Order and thus turn the business on a whirlwind…

Ringside Rant 106: Owen Hart

This week we remember the “King of Harts” Owen Hart who passed away 22 years ago. As big fans of the Hart family RJ and Justin relive the historical rivalry between Bret and Owen throughout 1994 and after. Owen was also known as the best ribber of all time; listen as we break down our favorite Owen ribs and the great matches that he had as well. Ringside Rant 106

Ringside Rant 105: “Macho Man” Randy Savage

It’s been ten years since we lost one of the greats of all time “Macho Man” Randy Savage; and on this weeks episode Justin and RJ remember Randy Savage. From the territories to WWF to WCW and all points in between RJ and Justin share their memories of Randy Savage and talk about their favorite matches of Macho Man. Ringside Rant 105

Ringside Rant 104: Owens Debut

It has been rather cold as of late across the country and especially this week when Justin and RJ rant about In Your House: Cold Day In Hell from 24 years ago. The main event of this show is one of the low key best rivalries of all time; Undertaker who came in as WWF champion taking on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. RJ and Justin also talked about the pay…

Ringsinde Rant 103: Loree Bischoff

On this very special edition of Ringside Rant, RJ welcomes Loree Bischoff to the show. Mrs. Bischoff is a life coach, a nutritional coach, and a two time author; we talk about those and so much more. We also talk about where she started and where she wants to go with her new venture as a Teen Life Coach as well. Ringsinde Rant 103

Ringside Rant 102: Cry Baby Bret Hart?

This week Justin Davis makes his debut on Ringside Rant; and boy did he come in on a hot topic. RJ and Justin Rant about everything Wrestle Mania XII. Twenty Five years ago this pay per view was billed as the mecca of all events headlined by the match of the year. However, some may have some other opinions on that matter. Find that and so much more out on…

Ringside Rant 101: Chris Jericho

On this episode RJ and Dave celebrate anniversary of Chris Jericho vs Triple H from Judgement Day 2002 inside Hell in a Cell. We do a recap of the match and then Rant about the career of Chris Jericho. Lastly, Dave and RJ talk about the impact that Y2J has had on the wrestling business for over 30 years up to his current work in AEW. Ringside Rant 101

Ringside Rant 100: Eric Bischoff

On this landmark episode of the Ringside Rant, RJ and Dave welcome WWE Hall of Famer and co host of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff. Growing up watching Eric on WCW television Dave and RJ chated about the impact of the nWo as well as some similarities we saw then and now in wrestling. Lastly, RJ and Dave talk about Erics love for Westerns and what he loves to grill at…

Ringside Rant 099: WrestleMania X

This week Dave and RJ try to do justice to this classic WrestleMania. From arguably one of the best ladder matches of all time to the brotherly love feud that was Owen vs Bret. This WrestleMania’s card had many highs but also had some lows; the boys will Rant about it all on this latest episode. Ringside Rant 099