High Spot Podcast 192: Surviving Hurricane Isaias, Did Rocky Truly Kill Apollo, & AEW Gets “It”

The Jersey Wrecking Crew have survived Hurricane Isaias to bring you another episode of HSP. The guys tell you how they dealt with no power & whether or not Rocky should’ve thrown in the towel for Apollo against Ivan Drago. Plus, why do AEW story-lines & they’re stars continue to be more interesting that WWE’s. High Spot Podcast 192

High Spot Podcast 191: Strip Clubs & Chicken Wings w/Craig Steele

The Jersey Wrecking Crew are back! Jeff Martin & The Trendsetter return to talk about the world of pro wrestling & all forms of entertainment under the new HSP brand! This week the guys are talking chicken wings & strip clubs? Yeah that’s right! “The Real Deal” Craig Steel from Taboo Gentlemen’s Club joins the show to discuss the whole Lou Williams fiasco & what he’s done without wrestling amidst…

High Spot Podcast 189: Bloody Wednesday Recap w/Brad Shepard

In what will forever be known as Bloody Wednesday, Jeff and The Trendsetter talk about one of the most shocking days in WWE history. The day that WWE released over twenty-five wrestlers & staff due to the pandemic in the United States. The Jersey Wrecking Crew are joined by Brad Shepard to discuss the current state of the WWE especially after the XFL filed for bankruptcy in the same week….

High Spot Podcast 188: WrestleMania Preview, Jersey Wrecking Crew Style

The Jersey Wrecking Crew are back to preview WrestleMania! This year’s event is so big that it will take two nights to cover the show of shows! Jeff & Bryan talk about the loaded lineup, as well as discuss life after WrestleMania for many of the WWE Superstars. Sit back and relax while High Spot Podcast tries to bring you back to some sense of normalcy the next two nights….

High Spot Podcast 187: Brian Fritz Sporting News & Jeremy Gomez of Generation Championship Wrestling

The Jersey Wrecking Crew are back with a brand new episode of High Spot Podcast. Joining the show this week are Brian Fritz of The Sporting News & Jeremy Gomez of Generation Championship Wrestling. The guys talk with Brian about WWE’s decision to go forward with WrestleMania and the differences between AEW and NXT. Plus, Jeff and Bryan chat with the owner of GCW about life after having to cancel…

High Spot Podcast 186: Jack Farmer of AfterBuzz TV- What if there’s no WrestleMania?

Jack Farmer from AfterBuzz TV joins High Spot Podcast on this week’s episode and we’re talking about what if there’s no WrestleMania this year due to the Coronavirus. Jack offers insight on the AEW vs NXT War and his favorite WrestleMania storyline. We also get in depth on his role with AfterBuzz TV. Get to know Jack Farmer on this week’s episode of HSP! Plus, Chad Minnes from Stand Alone…