D-Struction 101 Ep. 44

D-Struction 101 is back with an all new episode! Episode 45! It’s Create-a-Pro New York Show Week! Dave makes his commentary debut for CAP NY with their huge show, as they partner up with the Make-A-Wish foundcation with special guest Former WWE Superstar, Christian! WrestlePro is 17 days away! Are Front, Second, and Third Rows Sold out!? The Daily Dose of Dave is 2 Episodes in now! Excited to expand and grow! CWE is giving out dates now! Did Dave reach out to a few new companies to work for? Why not! A Scary moment at work this week! Thank Goodness Everything is ok! The NFL Playoffs gives a new appreciation for the sport! What a weekend! My “Expert” picks for the Super Bowl! All this and more! Follow me on the socials! Twitter/Instagram : @DaveSturchio , www.facebook.com/DaveSturchio , www.facebook.com/DStruction101 and Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel! Thank you so much for all the support! ‚Äč

D-Struction 101 Ep. 45

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