DumbFellas 029: Turkey Turkey

In this refreshingly light episode after last week’s nail biting kerfuffle, Garifo, Joe, and Natty are all sitting around having a pleasant chat about what they did for Thanksgiving – and all of the delicious foods that they ate. Then, all of a sudden, the mean old Burke boys (KP & Larry) storm in to pop balloons, flip tables, and bring us back to a reality of pain. Sounds like a lot of fun to listen to – eh?!

The Dumbfellas podcast was recorded live at the Brown Bear Pub at 104 Harrison Ave, West Orange, NJ. Our theme song is ‘Rootbeer Station’ used with permission by the band Dancer – for more info on them at https://www.dancer.bandcamp.com.

Find us on Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/dumbfellaspod or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Dumbfellas/

The Dumbfellas are:

Big Rich from Jersey – https://www.twitter.com/mcd_carney

KP Burke – https://www.twitter.com/kpburkesucks

Natty Bumpercar – https://www.twitter.com/nattybumpercar

Kevin Joseph Garifo – https://www.twitter.com/kevingarifo

Joe Carney – https://www.twitter.com/dumbkidjoe

The Dumbfellas podcast is a production of Garden State Comedy.

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DumbFellas 029

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