Mark Order Podcast 042: Deja Vu With 2 Live Crew

It’s Wednesday Night, and You Know What That Means

It’s another episode of the Mark Order Podcast here for you on a Wednesday night!

AntMoney and Ryan Schlong are here to talk about all things All Elite Wrestling even though they were both not feeling so hot. Kate and Millionaire Matt couldn’t be with us again, but the 2 Live Crew A-Team was here to discuss all the action happening in AEW.

The guys chats about how they feel like crap and unbox the newest AEW Crate. Before the break, the crew recapped last week’s episode of AEW Rampage.

After a brief commercial break, the team took a deep dive into AEW Dynamite. They broke down the card, segments, and gave their analysis before previewing the upcoming Rampage card.

The guys chats about some AEW news items from the week before doing plugs and reminding you how to find us on social media so you could get your free Mark Order Podcast stickers before wrapping up the episode.

This is a must listen to show if you’re a fan of AEW, so be sure to rate, review, and subscribe or watch us on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter!

Mark Order Podcast 042

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