Mark Order Podcast Bonus Episode 2: TK’s Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor XV Recap

It’s Friday Night, and You Probably Don’t Think You Know What That Means

It’s another very special BONUS episode of the Mark Order Podcast here for you after the Supercard of Honor XV PPV!

AntMoney and Ryan Schlong are here to talk about all things Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling since the rest of the crew couldn’t be with them tonight.

The Two Live Crew chatted about some general topics before diving into the first show back after Ring of Honor’s break and being acquired by Tony Khan. They spoke about the look and feel of the show and compared it to prior Ring of Honor shows.

The team then began to dive into Supercard of Honor XV on PPV. They broke down the card, segments, surprises, and gave their analysis before diving into some other general Ring of Honor and AEW items.

AntMoney and Schlong discussed a few final thoughts about what might be on the horizon for Ring of Honor and their relationship with AEW and remind you how to find us on social media so you could get your free Mark Order Podcast stickers before wrapping up this bonus episode of The Mark Order Podcast.

Mark Order Podcast Bonus Episode 2

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