Radioactive Metal 600: Give in To This – interview with Ritual Dictates

Welcome to our Big 6-0-0!! Normally we make a hububaloo about these milestone episodes. But with everything going on in this crazy world we’re pretty much just focused to maintaining our due course. Besides it’s episode 666 thats going to be be the Big One!! That’s not to say that we’re half assing it though. The members of Ritual Dictates are no strangers to Metaldom boasting current and ex members of 3 Inches of Blood and Revocation. With their Artoffact Records debut “Give In To Despair” on the racks, we sat down with vox/axe Justin Hagberg. We discussed all things RD including the “supergroup” tag and their unique monicker. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we share our entertainment suggestions for dealing with this crisis and pay tribute to the late great Stuart Gordon. Musically we crank our subjects plus some Revocation, Sacrifice, Riot, Spazz, Hell Bent, Trauma, Flashout, and Cloud Rat! Horns and Happy Bday to us!

Radioactive Metal 600

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