Radioactive Metal 603: Ash To Ash – interview with Ash Thomas (Faith Xtractor, Surgikill)

This week we have another veteran we should’ve had on a long time ago. Ash Thomas is a multi instrumentalist who’s been tearing it up in the underground since ’93. Most notable (past?) projects include Crucified Mortals and Archeron. Today Mr. Thomas is killing it with killer outfits like Hell’s Headbangers Faith Xtractor and Shed The Skin. As well as Surgikill featuring Steve O from the legendary Impetigo! With his newest project Machinations of Fate recently hitting the racks courtesy of Redefining Darkness, we finally got him on the horn. We discussed all of the goings on with his bands and we discovered a mutual love of “WKRP in Cincinnati”. We knew he was cool. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we share an embarrassing quarantined story and learn the expression “Djoom” (??). Musically, we crank the aforementioned Faith Xtractor and Surgikill. Plus some new tunage from Deranged, Torn in Half, Violation Wound and introduce Toronto bashers Cryptonight in our “Indie Spotlight”. Stay healthy and Horns Up!!

Radioactive Metal 603

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