Radioactive Metal 627: Spreading Rumors – interview with Vicious Rumors

Happy 14th Bday to us!! What a long strange trip it’s been (OK, we’ll let ourselves out). But as much as we’d like to sit back and bask in our back patting, we’ve got a lot of Metal to get to. Last year we had the good fortune of hanging with none other than Vicious Rumors’ founder/axeman Geoff Thorpe as the band crossed the country. Now their new album “Celebration Decay” is still fresh on the racks. So we got Mr. Thorpe on the horn to catch up. We discussed the new album and the ideas behind it, the influence of horror, and keeping in touch with old friends from the Bay Area. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, there is only one subject – the loss Eddie Van Halen. So we took the time to discuss some of fave VH sounds and moments. Musically, we crank the new VR plus new stuff from Raven, Nightmare, Mad Max, Witchtarap, The Troops of Doom and introduce Halifax bangers Ancient Thrones in our “Indie Spotlight”! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!!

Radioactive Metal 627

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