Radioactive Metal 629: Juan Of The Dead – interview with Juan Garcia (Body Count, Evildead)

Happy Halloween!! As this episode first hits your earholes, October 31st will be a mere 24 hrs. away. So on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate guest that the resurrected Evildead. The band was the ’86 follow up project for Juan Garcia, who first came to our attention from his stints with Agent Steel and Abattoir. Mr. Garcia may also be familiar with more modern fans for his position as axeman with none other than Body Count!! So with new albums from both BC and ED on the racks, we had a “groovy” chat with Juan Of The Dead (Thank you Ice-T). We discussed the new record “United $tate$ Of Anarchy”, his work with Body Count, and his thoughts of the late, great Riley Gale (Rest In Power!). In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we discuss with artists we’d dress up as for Halloween and premiere a new songwritten, performed and recorded from our very own Aaron. Horns way up to that!! Musically, we crank the new Evildead plus the aforementioned Agent Steel and Abattoir. As well, as cool tunes from Exhumed, 45 Grave, Cropsy Maniac, Dolore, Werewolves, VHS, Zombie Assault and feature The Bloody Hell in our “Indie Spotlight”. Horns up and Stay Healthy!

Radioactive Metal 629

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