Radioactive Metal 630: With Odin… – interview with Leaves Eyes

All Hail Odin!! Just last year we had the good fortune of having Leaves Eyes vocalists Alex Krull and Elina Sirralla on the show as they passed thru town. Now this year LE are helping us cope with this craziness with a cool new album. “The Last Viking” is an absolute battleshipburner of a record! So we jumped at the chance of having Mr.Krull on the show again. We discussed the new record, his legit Viking ways, and, being Atrocity fans, we had to get an update on that camp as well. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we present our “interview” with Angus Young, share our Record Store Day booty, and we our picks as to who in Metaldom we’d like to see as the new president. Musically, we crank the new Leaves as well as the aforementioned Atrocity, Hellripper, Convulse, Violent Life Violent Death, ACXDC, Angel Nation, and Dead Kennedys. Hails and Horns!! Stay Healthy!!

Radioactive Metal 630

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