Radioactive Metal 634: This Is The Beginning – interview with Mors Principium Est

We remember the first time Finnish melodic death metallers Mors Principium Est came to our attention. The outfit was the first tune on a European metal mag’s (we want to say Metal Hammer ??) promo comp. Their unique monicker stuck in our brains and never left. So now, with the band having dropped their latest album “Seven”, we got on the horn with vox Ville Viljanen to get the first hand info. We also discussed recording during these challenging times and played “Ville’s Choice” with his fave memories. In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we play our “Will and Should” game with the Metal grammy nominees and rave about some classic records that were given a fresh coat of paint (metallic, of course). Musically, we crank the new MPE + Diamond Head, Nails, Serpent’s Oath, Iron Saviour, Iron Mask, Call The Paramedic and Johnny NoCash and The Celtic Outlaws. Finally, we introduce not one, but two, Winnipeg black metal bands, Primordial Serpent and Kalameet, in our “Indie Spotlight”! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Radioactive Metal 634

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