Radioactive Metal 654: Hitchhikers Guide To Metal – interview with Garrett Jamieson

Our beloved genre is fuelled by passion. Sometimes it’s this passion that drives fans to do some crazy things. Case in point – “Rag’R” super fan Mitch. Banger TV YouTube series “Heavy Metal Hitchhiker” focus’ on this good hearted gas attendant’s race against time to return a guitar to his heroes and be given a roadie job in return. And of course, it’s comedy of errors and hilarity ensues. We’re always on the look out for cool interview subjects beyond the usual, so this time we sat down with the lovable Mitch, stand up comedian Mr. Garrett Jamieson. We get into the origin of the story, all that he brings to the role and the soundtrack of Mitch’s life. A star is born! In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we go thru Mitch’s record collection and grab some Capra, Deadwolff, KEN Mode, Hellripper, Spectral Wound, Shroud Of Vultures and play a cool split feat. Agent Mulder and Bad Acid Trip in our “Indie Spotlight”. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!!

Radioactive Metal 654

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