Radioactive Metal 659: Bare Bonez – interview with Yautja, guest host Lori Bravo

Unfortunately, this week Aaron was unable to join us. So with his blessing, your “Cool Uncle Snowy” set out and enlisted a suitable co host. Death Metal trailblazer (and good friend) Lori Bravo (ex-Nuclear Death) has dropped her amazing new solo album “Bare Bones”. So it made for a perfect opportunity to get her back on the show again. We discuss the new album, her almost relationship with Autopsy’s Chris Reifert and the impending ND Moribund reissues. Miss. Bravo was happy to share the spotlight with death noise rockers Yautja. The outfit just dropped their new record “The Lurch” via Relapse. We got drummer Tyler Coburn on the horn to give us the 411. Musically, we crank the aforementioned Yautja and Bravo records + some Nuclear Death, Autopsy, Graveripper, Debauchery, Impetigo and Mutilation Rites.

Radioactive Metal 659

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