Radioactive Metal 665: Woman Of Dark Desires – interview with Jade Willow

We’re always looking for that unique interview guest. Band interviews are the bread and butter of this show. But there are so many unsung areas all with a story of their own. Enter – Jade Willow. Miss. Willow is a “D.I.Y. model”, adult content creator, fellow podcaster and an all ’round interesting person. So we wanted to hear her story first hoof. We get into her modelling, the wonderful world of OnlyFans, and into her mental advocacy with her “Shedding Skin” podcast. All this with her cool Black Metal look! Awesome! In our “News, Views, and Tunes”, we discuss our latest vinyl therapy haul and the new Maiden single/video. Musically, we crank some classic Bathory, the 80s Hazzard (w/Herman Frank), Noctule, Old Grandad, Blasphemous Creation and introduce Bay Area bashers Infex in our “Indie Spotlight”. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

Radioactive Metal 665

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