Radioactive Metal 685: The 2021 Rammy Awards

F@#*k the Grammies!! For the past fifteen years now the only music awards ceremony worth it’s weight in Metal have been Radioactive Metal’s annual Rammy Awards. Veteran listeners already know the deal. For the listeners first tuning in this year, The Rammies are basically where we sit down and discuss our faves in the key categories most important to Metalheads. Fave Band/Artist, Album, Song, Live, etc. As well, we present our RAM Hall of Fame inductees. Our choices of artists, albums and the stuff of Myth and Legend that we deem worthy of the highest honour. And, of course, we have a stack o’ wax feat. new and used from Incantation, Propaghandi, Witch Cross, Sacrifice, Lori Bravo, Nuclear Death, Myrdod, and Hooded Menace. So grab a cold one. Help us say Goodbye to the year that was and here’s to another great one. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!!

Radioactive Metal 685

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