Ringside Rant 140: Starrcade 1997

We commence this great month of WCW wresting with the biggest pay per view in WCW history; Starrcade 1997. Justin and RJ are also welcomed by Amy Vaughn as Rants with the bets of the on this show. Some good things can be taken away from the show but also some bad things can also be taken away. Because Amy won our contest this month she had the opportunity to watch one of the matches from this card. Seeing that it was such a great card we allowed her to pick two. The three of us watch Larry Zbyszko vs Eric Bischoff and Hogan vs Sting to end the show. Lastly, Amy came in hot with her objections to our Wrestling with Music rankings. Listen to find out if Justin and RJ made some adjustments or not.

Ringside Rant 140

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