Ringside Rant 142: January 13, 2005 Smackdown

We are two weeks away from the Royal Rumble as RJ and Justin Rant about the January 13th edition of Smackdown from St Pete Forum in Tampa, Florida. The triple threat match at the Royal Rumble between the WWE Champion JBL, Kurt Angle , and Big Show is being pushed even more so on this episode as we see an “abduction” of a member of the roster. There is a part the show when RJ will go off the hinges and have some interesting things to say about the main even segment. With Justin seeing this Smackdown for the first time he gives his thoughts on who on Smackdown deserves to be on the mount rushmore of greatest workers off all time. Finally, RJ and Justin add two more themes to the ever growing Wresting with Music rankings. Ranter of the Week Chris Spisak from Speez & The Benchmark Show.

Ringside Rant 142

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