Ringside Rant 159: May 15, 2006 RAW

Justin and RJ get RAW this week as they continue towards Judgement Day. With the pay-per-view being a Smackdown only event we wanted to show you what was being done on the other show at this time. RAW was being main evented by Shawn Michaels taking on Kenny from the Spirit Squad with Shane McMahon as the referee. The feud between the McMahons and Triple H and Shawn Michaels was in full swing here as Triple H was in the corner of Kenny. However this wasn’t the only time we would see Triple H on this show as he teamed with Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters taking on the WWE Champion John Cena and the Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam in a Texas Tornado Handicap Match for the titles. As you can imagine this show as a bit of a cluster; find out what Justin and RJ have to Rant about on this show.

Ringside Rant 159

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