Shining Wizards 502: X Division Champ Rohit Raju

This is a marathon of an Episode. Kicks off with some small talk & we finally put the Kate vs Kevin Can You Beat That feud to bed. It gets a little tense, and emotions run high, but we close it out & move on. Tony watched the UWN, so we talk a little bit about that, then shift to Impact Wrestling prior to taking a break. LSG joins us from the ROH Bubble, after a few minutes of audio issues, we iron it out & are off in space with the ace. We hit Kevin’s Top 10 List, and talk a little old school WWF before being joined by the Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Rohit Raju. We cover a ton of topics from getting a chance in Impact to his favorite belt & old school wrestling. It’s a must listen to episode. After this we blow through some AEW, and the WWE Draft before shutting down shop for the night.

Shining Wizards 502

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