Shining Wizards 506: Talk N Shop with Rocky & Watts

Another Monday Night, another jam packed show. The boys catch up with each other, and talk turns to Zeus the Human Wrecking Machine. This somehow leads us down a Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior rabbit hole before being joined by WATTS. Eric Watts has been a regular at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood & United Wrestling Network as well as being featured on AEW Dark recently. Talks turn to the UWN Title Tournament, being mistaken for Eric Watts and some Star Wars talk. We go from WATTS to AEW Full Gear, the boys talk about the matches, their picks and more AEW news and notes. After the break its some NJPW talk before being joined by Rocky Romero, podcaster, wrestler, commentator & much more. We cover tons of topics, including Talk N Shop A Mania 2, NJPW Strong, Jay White & more. So quick news and notes, a Kevin Top 5 & we pull this train into the station. A must listen too episode.

Shining Wizards 506

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