Shining Wizards 545: Kate from Fight Club

The boys are joined live in studio by Kate from Fightful and the Mark Order Podcast. Surprisingly, the show opens with NWA talk, where the room is split on opinions on the new NWA TV Champion Tyrus. Matt still doesn’t think Trevor Murdoch deserves a title show, but all questions will be answered at NWA73.

Discussion finds its way to poop which leads to Mount Rushmores of poop collecting from celebrities. Yes, this happened.

There’s talk of Ring of Honor’s Women’s tournament and everyone is pulling for Quinn McKay. There’s also talk of Juvy and Jericho, which Tony gives four stars because someone, somewhere, enjoyed it. SummerSlam is approaching and we get a rundown of the card as it stands. And in the unfortunate department, the crew discusses the recent NXT releases and what plans WWE could possibly have.

There’s some sad notes as Matt discusses the passing of Bert Prentice, Jody Hamilton, and Bobby Eaton.

Finally, we get to Kevin’s Top 6 of surprise releases from WWE, and the rematch as Kevin challenges Matt in a game of Can You Beat That? for the Shining Wizards Championship.

Shining Wizards 545

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