Shining Wizards 546: Dropping Bombs & Rok’s

Its Monday Night, you know what that means

The Shining Wizards are back. Tony is in the Great Lakes or the Finger Lakes, but he’s not with us. Kate the Great from the Mark Order Podcast & Fightful sits in with us as we talk all things wrestling

After the usual small talk we jump right into AEW Rampage and the huge title change that opened up the show, and what it mean from AEW & Impact.

We are joined by our 1st guest Bryan Clark aka Adam Bomb. Growing up in the 90’s we were huge Adam Bomb guys so its safe to say Matt & Kevin were excited. We talk to Mr Clark for nearly an hour, covering a ton of topics, from Ox Baker, Adam Bomb, Wrath, Kronik, Japan, Action Figures, trademarks, side projects, and a pretty awesome bit of breaking news for the figure community.

After a commercial break, its our 2nd guest of the night, as Ring of Honor Talent Rok C talks with Matt, in an interview recorded earlier in the day. She’s climbing the ladder in the world of pro wrestling, advancing into the Ring of Honor Women of Honor Tournament and she’s sharing her story with us. She’s only 19, which is crazy, and has shared the ring with a ton of talented women. It’s an awesome interview & a great way to be introduced to her

We pick right back up where we left off after our great guests, with the Impact/AEW talk which leads us to AAA and Ric Flair being in the ring with Kenny Omega in 2021, which is AMAZING. A little Triplemania talk, before hitting on all the notes from AEW, WWE, NXT, ROH, NJPW, NWA, SummerSlam and a ton more. Its a full show with tons of wrestling talk and talk about wrestling.

Shining Wizards 546

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