Shining Wizards 548: NWA and Jack Cartwheel

It’s Monday Night, You Know What That Means

Matt and Kevin kick off the show, as Matt brings up that his recall on WWF in 1992 is terrible, and he completely forgot about Randy Savage vs Warrior at SummerSlam 1992. This leads him and Kevin down a rabbit hole of WWF Magazines and SummerSlam 1992 & 1993. Tony joins in on the conversation, as we try and figure out what a Rest In Piece Match is before we jump right into the weekend of NWA Wrestling.

We start with NWA Empowerrr, go over our picks, and talk about the matches and moments from this historic event.  We are excited about the Freebabes, loved the Awesome Kong stuff, all the tag matches rocked, Kamille looked like a million bucks, and Deonna is so damn good.

We are then joined by our guest, Jack Cartwheel. We talk about his debut in PWG, working in GWC, being the 1st match at PWG since the pandemic started, and the pressure that came with it. We also talk his tweet that got a ton of responses from the likes of Lance Storm & many others. We talk about dream opponents, What A Burger, Japan and much more. This is a great introduction to someone who is gonna explode in 2022.

After Tony does the Patreon reads, we are talking about NWA 73, Booger Eater, new tag champs, Ric Flair and much more. Matt hates Tyrus, Tony loves the NWA Easter eggs throughout the show, and Kevin is all about the Aldis/Murdoch match.

We hit on a ton of news and notes from the WWE, AEW, All Out, NJPW, Wrestle Grand Slam, MLW, & much more. Plus Kevin has a Top 5 list!

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