Shining Wizards 549: AEW and the Cinematic Masterpiece

Kevin and Tony are back and the Two Man Army is causing chaos! So much happening this past week to talk about! Kevin tells tales of his weekend playing cards with members of Kevin Smith’s crew, and while it sounded amazing, it meant that Kevin became the first person to miss a night of picks!

The boys cover the weekend of New Japan, as well as the upcoming G1 Climax and a three day WrestleKingdom?

We unfortunately cover the untimely passing of Daffney. The boys remind everyone that no matter how bad things seem, there’s always someone to talk to.

There’s some wraparound coverage, including upcoming ROH PPV Death Before Dishonor, Impact’s Victory Road, some updates for NXT, a new GCW Champion, and the reunion of the Wolves.

We take a break to talk to friend of the show JGeorge to discuss the upcoming JGeorge’s Cinematic Masterpiece show, hosted by Pro Wrestling Magic, this weekend on IWTV.

Finally, we cover AEW All Out (and Matt going perfect for the show), the debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, CM Punk’s in-ring return, and so much more.

Plus our final pick totals for the weekend!

Shining Wizards 549

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