Shining Wizards 551: The Sauce, Yakuza & Alex Zayne

It’s Monday Night, and you know what that means

We are back at full force after a few crazy weeks, and we have a jam packed show. Kevin & Tony are blown away by the Stream Yard, and Matt is ready to throw himself out a window.

Alex Zayne, the Sauce joins the show, and we are quickly off and running. We of course have to talk about his wrestling figures that are hanging behind him, his busy work schedule, GCW being his home, winning the ROH Battle Royal, the positives from his time in NXT and getting released. We talk a lot about food, the Yakuza, horsemeat, documentaries, and much more.

After the commercial break we catch up on a TON of wrestling news and notes from the past week. AEW in Newark, Matt & Kevin share their experiences. Tony gives us an update on NWA & the Booger Eater. We talk about Big E winning the WWE Title, who can dethrone Roman Reigns and much more. Talk a little about Extreme Rules, some MLW Talk, the AEW & Owen Hart relationship.

Tony is exhausted so he bows out early, Matt and Kevin talk NXT 2.0, Impact Wrestling, NJPW G1 Climax, GCW and a few other bits of info.

Its a hell of an episode & worth the 3 hours.
Listen, Enjoy and Share.

Shining Wizards 551

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