Shining Wizards 556: A Comedian & A Ninja Walk into a Podcast

It’s Monday Night, and You Know What That Means.

It’s another episode of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast

Matt and Kevin kick off the show and catch up quickly before jumping into the world of the WWE. Some Crown Jewel talk, quickly turns into the Becky/Charlotte saga, and it’s not too long before the boys are joined by Late Tony. Tony says his piece and the boys talk some more WWE’s Crown Jewel.

Tony hits us with a quick aside about the NWA and the lack of information available for this Any Means Necessary Show and his disappointment

The boys hit on some Bound for Glory stuff before they are joined by Dan Barry. Dan is a 20 year veteran in the wrestling business, as well as a comedian. We talk about a variety of topics, from training Noelle Foley, to what he hates most about Fans Bring the Weapons match and everything in between. Plus Dan drops a huge announcement for us about his return.

We are then joined by GCW rising star Ninja Mack. We talk about this past weekend in GCW and his match against Arez. Ninja tells us how he got to GCW, and what it means to have a promotion put that much stock in him. We talk gambling, grinding, and Ninja gives us a huge scoop about the Shane Shamrock Cup.

After our wonderful guests we finish up our Bound for Glory Talk, hit on some GCW talk as Matt ordered and watched his first GCW PPV.

Cover some news and notes on AEW, the TBS Tournament, the Eliminator Tournament and the lineup for this week’s Dynamite and Rampage

We hit on some news and notes from MLW, NJPW, & we talk about the WWE PPV schedule for 2022 before pulling this train into the station

A real fun episode, and a great listen for anyone who is a wrestling fan. Check it out!

Shining Wizards 556

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