Shining Wizards 564: Christmas Kayfabe

Prepare for your holidays proper with the best wrestling podcast around

Tony, Kevin and Matt are in the holiday spirit and they have a jam packed show lined up for you.

Are gift cards a suitable gift? The boys discuss that for a bit

Jump into some wrestling talk, MLW is on the list first, Tony gives us the rundown, Matt ask’s a bunch of questions, and the boys try and figure out who is on the MLW Top 10 List for the Week.

After MLW the guys cover some NWA. A lot of promo’s this week, with a lot of interesting stories going forward. Matt loves what they are doing with Sal Rinauro & the Aron Stevens story.

We talk about all the title belts in the NWA, which leads to an interesting discussion about the NWA Women’s Tag Titles and them appearing in the WWF circa Royal Rumble 88.

We are then joined by AEW Superstar and friend of the show Sonny Kiss. We catch up with Sonny about all things AEW, Limpbizkit, Grunge, Butts, Pop Music, Pop Culture, Movies and so much more. We chat for almost 2 hours and have an amazing time. It’s a must listen too episode.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, please have a safe and happy holiday!

Shining Wizards 564

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