Shining Wizards 566: Wave to Jon Alba

Kate from Fight Club joins Kevin and Tony for an amazing interview with Jon Alba, sportscaster, wrestling personality, and wrestling podcast host. Jon talks about his latest podcast with Matt Hardy, titled “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” as well as his dislike of the wave at sporting events. The four spent an hour discussing sports, podcasting, interviewing, wrestling, and so much more.

After the break there’s discussion of the Big Swole and Tony Kahn back and forth, WWE’s Day One social media special (or whatever phrase has supplanted PPV), the PPV pick total, and, for the first time all year, picks are made during an episode. The three then try and decide if Big E losing was a bad thing, and how they would play out the next installment of Adam Page and Bryan Danielson.

It’s a must listen to episode!

Shining Wizards 566

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