Shining Wizards 568: I Thought She Lost an EYE!!!

Its Monday Night and You Know What That Means

The boys are back, no guests and lots of wrestling to talk about.

We kick off with the biggest news of the day, Cody Rhodes is a free agent. We speculate what this means, and if it means anything. Will he show up at the Rumble? Is this a Rhodes to the Top Storyline? Is this a PR Move?

From there we hit on some AEW happenings from the last week, the debut of Brody King, the news that they floated a Lita vs Britt Baker Storyline, which leads us to Tony going on some rant, only to find out that he has no idea what female is who in AEW, its hysterical.

We go over the Royal Rumble card, and who we think will win the rumble, briefly touch on the Lita/Charlotte Flair slow motion Twist of Fate, and the Elimination Chamber. We also run down who has already been announced for the Mens & Women’s Rumble

A little bit on NXT talk before we take a quick commercial break

Upon our return, we talk about the post Hard to Kill Impact Show. Matt & Kevin loved the show, and they break down each segment, match, and talk about what the future holds for the storylines & the ROH Invasion

Kevin and Tony watched the latest MLW, and both have opposite takes on the show & Azteca Underground

The boys hammer away at the NWA this week. Why is Tyrus lazy? Who is Cyon’s Father? Does Billy realize that Velvet Sky & Austin Idol’s bickering is awful?

We wrap up with some NJPW news & notes, and the return of Kevin’s Top 5

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Shining Wizards 568

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