Shining Wizards 573: Matt’s Special Bag

The boys are all back in the saddle again with tons of wrestling talk and talk about wrestling

They are joined by your favorite guest and ours, Mikko Maestro. Mikko throws down the challenge to Tombstone Jesus, and somehow figures it’s going to happen in New Jersey, at Matt’s house, with Matt in his corner & Tony in Tombstone’s with Kevin as the special guest referee. It’s crazy & makes no sense, you’ll have to listen to believe it.

After our friend leaves, we cover the biggest news of the past week. We talk about Cody’s exit from AEW, and what a possible WWE run would look like.

We talk about our Elimination Chamber Picks, and the show itself. The Men’s Elimination Chamber, and some this & that’s

We cover Impact’s No Surrender Show from Saturday Night, the Eddie Edwards Turn, Jay White/Bullet Club Saga, Deonna’s Open Challenge & more.

After the break we come back with some new segments

First we have THE THREE COUNT, where we cover NWA, MLW, ROH and NJPW, hitting on 3 topics from each promotion from the last week. It could be from the last tv show, PPV, or news & notes.

Before jumping into a new segment we bring you KEVIN’S TOP 5 & it’s a good one. Top 5 Wrestlers & the Weapons they used to win matches. Can you guess who’s on the list?

Then we dip our toes in DOWN THE AISLE. We will randomly pick an event, talk about who is on the card, and away we go. This first go around, it’s UWF from Missouri, March 3rd 1985. We work as magic as we go down the card, and that takes us down the aisle from BladeRunner Rock to Jack Victory to The Sheepherders. It’s a wild ride, and just a taste of what this new segment offers.

If you are a wrestling fan, this is the podcast for you.

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Shining Wizards 573

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