Shining Wizards 574: Second Salami

It’s Monday Night and You Know What That Means! A jam packed show! First we are joined by the up and coming Kidd Bandit. 8 months in the game, and from the Nightmare Factory. We talk about AEW Dark, Prestige Wrestling, Mike Bailey, Anime, Doritos and more. Keep you eye on this kid, he’s gonna be a star After Bandit, we have a few minutes to talk about Wrestlemania. Matt isn’t even interested in the event, and confesses that he hasn’t been in years. Tony is all in on Roman/Brock, and Kevin is on the fence. Paul Logan, Pat McAfee vs Vince McMahon, Austin vs Owens. We hit on a few of these things before being joined by our next guest. Steve “Monsta” Mack joins us next to celebrate 25 years in the wrestling business. We talk about Ring of Honor, the love and the heartache. Where he is currently working, who he sees as the future, video games, story telling and more. It was great to catch up with our dear good friend. After a quick break the boys are back to talk all things wrestling, AEW, AEW Revolution & Tony Khan’s big announcement. Tony is so fed up with the big announcements, it’s an interesting talk. From AEW we move on to the NWA, MLW, Impact, GCW & NJPW. We cover a little bit about each promotion from this past week before ending the show on a down note, with the news of the recent Sunny arrest. It’s your must listen to show if you’re a wrestling fan. It’s Wrestling Talk……and Talk About Wrestling!

Shining Wizards 574

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