Shining Wizards 575: The Hangover Cure with Karl Fredericks

Tony Hates Guests so he isn’t here for the start of the show

Matt is stressing over AEW Figures

Kevin is ready to talk with Karl Fredericks.

Karl joins us, and we are quickly off to the races, talking shots, energy drinks, and his journey to the NJPW LA Dojo. We discuss his talks with NXT/WWE, his relationship with Alex Coughlin & Clark Connors. The hands on teaching of Shibata. HIs first trip to Japan and the strange things he eat, including RAW Chicken. We talk about being a WCW Fan, getting to wrestle with Jushin “Thunder” Liger & much more, it’s over an hour of content. It’s a must listen to conversation.

Tony joins us, then we take a quick break before we are back with Shining Wizards PPV Picks for the AEW Revolution PPV. We discuss the card, dislikes, the tag rules, blood, Sting, and our favorite matches.

We jump into Impact’s Sacrifice from here, and Kevin gives us the rundown of the Saturday Show, and even puts it over the AEW PPV

We talk about Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor and the Vince McMahon Interview. We hit on some 3 Counts for MLW, NWA, NJPW & WWE before Kevin hits us with his Top 5 unexpected title changes on Monday Night Raw (No Money In The Bank Cash IN’s)

We have a few going home notes before pulling the train into the station.

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Shining Wizards 575

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