Shining Wizards 580: Top Golf Moses

The Two Man Army holds down the fort tonight, Discussion starts with Tony’s failed weekend attempts to go to Medieval Times and Top Golf, which leads into Moses from MCW and Shane Taylor Promotions joining the show. Moses shares his stories about learning to play golf and how much fun he had at Top Golf. Discussion turns to all things wrestling, including the end of ROH, the Moment of Solidarity, his career in MCW, and so much more.

Tony spends some time showing off his arcade collection while Kevin introduces us to his new Lance Archer figure. After the break, the boys spend time discussing some news and notes, including Sunny’s latest woes and Los Parks being ousted from MLW. A quick round of 3 Counts for MLW and NWA lead to discussion of Shinjiro Otani and the horrific injury he suffered this weekend. Kevin recalls that he was the first ever WCW Cruiserweight Champion, which leads to a trip Down the Aisle. All this and plenty more, including Ezekiel and the new Lacey Evans, some off-the-cuff Going Homes, and so much more.

Shining Wizards 580

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