Shining Wizards 581: Art and War

It’s Monday Night and you know what that means, an episode full of Wrestling Talk & Talk About Wrestling

Matt and Kevin are back with a loaded show, after catching up on the holiday weekend, Matt’s mind is blown that a fan sold his house & gave the money to “Liz Morgan”. Kevin can’t believe it, and they both have a laugh about it before being joined by Big F’N Vin. We talk about his awesome beard, how he got into the wrestling game, his father (911), PWI, being one of the best big men & what 2022 has in store for him.

After Big Vin we talk about AEW, Battle of the Belts, & the Sammy/Tay hate. We put a bow on that as we get to chat with Lash LeRoux. Lash catches us up on what he’s been up to since he left wrestling, his social media absence & more. We talk about how he made it in WCW, being in MIA and much more. This is a must listen to interview.

After a brief break the boys come back to talk about some WWE, a brief rundown of the Impact Rebellion card this weekend, and last week’s Impact show. Matt is all caught up on the NWA & is gushing over The Gimp and the Cardona/Pope match. We do a Wizards Rewind back to WCW Saturday Night July 11, 1992, the go home show to Great American Bash 92. It’s a great trip down memory lane, and a fun conversation. We hit on some going home’s before we wrap it up for the night.

Shining Wizards 581

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