Shining Wizards 584: Blood and Fire

It’s Monday Night & the crew is back with another jam packed show

We kick it off by catching up with each other, Tony had COVID, Kevin has allergies, & Matt is always working.

We start things off with some MLW talk, as Tony really enjoyed the latest episode of MLW Fusion, from there we transition into Picks, and Wrestlemania Backlash. We talk about the show, why we all picked RK Bro/Claymore, and Kevin gives us his match of the night.

We talk a little bit of AEW, Tony thinks Bryan Danielson is being wasted in this stable with Mox/Regal/Yuta so we talk a bit about that.Tony still doesn’t know the difference between Julie Hart and Jamie Hayter & we talk a bit about the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Tony claims to be the head of the Championship Committee of the Can You Beat That Championship. Matt & Kevin strongly disagree.

We are then joined by Brain R Solomon author of Blood and Fire, The Unbelievable Real Life Story Wrestling’s Original Sheik. It’s an unbelievable chat about the book, and the process of putting it together. From the Batman stories, to Bobo Brazil and FMW, its a really great talk, and a great preview of what to expect when you buy the book.

We hit on some NWA and NJPW talk, before Matt hits Kevin and Tony with the question, What Wrestling Truths would you like to have answered.

Then we hit the Wizards Rewind, back to May 23, 1992, WWF Superstars. It’s a wild time in the WWF and none of us can really remember what happened between Wrestlemania 8 & SummerSlam 92. We have a lot of fun talking about the show, and find some interesting things out. It’s a good listen.

We hit a few going home’s before pulling the train into the station.

Shining Wizards 584

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