Shining Wizards 585: AKIRA – Death Samurai

Kevin, Matt and Tony are back with another exciting episode of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast

The soft open, the boys try and button up this nonsense about Tony and the Can You Beat That Championship committee. We get a little clarity, but we still don’t have a clue what is going on.

We quickly catch up before we are joined by our guests, The Death Samurai AKIRA. He’s had a shit travel day but is kind enough to join us. We talk about being a deathmatch wrestler, Jon Moxley wearing his hoodie on Dynamite, Masha, OPW, H20, wrestling his significant other and much more. It’s a great interview and insight to AKIRA. A man you should have your eyes on.

After a quick break we briefly touch on the Ibushi situation, before talking about Cody Rhodes being the guy to take the title off of Roman Reigns. This turns into a conversation about guys who didn’t work out in one promotion but were successful in another, and leads to us taking a premature trip Down the Aisle to talk Lex Luger and SummerSlam 1993, Tatanka, Allied Powers and more!

We get back on track with some this and thats about NJPW, Impact Wrestling, MLW, and NWA. Does seeing Jay White lose in Impact effect his stock in New Japan Pro Wrestling? We talk about the Ric Flair news, and that’s an interesting conversation.

Then against Tony’s wishes we do a proper down the aisle, back to a random USWA card from 1995. We talk about Gorgeous George 3, Mark Curtis, Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton in solo runs, David Jericho, and more. It’s the perfect Down the Aisle to end the show.

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