Shining Wizards 586: Rockett, with 2 T’s

It’s Monday Night and You Know What That Means……..Another Episode of your favorite wrestling podcast

The gang is joined by NWA, Idolmania Sports Management & Gold Rush member Marshe Rockett. Lots of topics are discussed, from being in the NWA, how he ended up in Impact, the heartbreak of a WWE Tryout, being a member of the greatest faction in wrestling, 2022 goals and much more. Its a great interview with a great dude. Check it out

Tony is back after a quick break, and the boys talk about the strange Sasha Banks/Naomi situation. We weigh in on the topic based on what we have read in the media, and try and get a grasp on it. It’s a really wild situation.

Then it’s time for the Can You Beat That Championship as Kevin Rouge from the Year of Duke & Rogue makes his first title defense against Downtown Petey Brown. The committee has some really hard questions for the competitors. Did Kevin retain? Post CYBT things get wild, as RR shows up and things get strange.

We hit on a couple things, LA Knight’s name change, Who tweeted this?, Hiromu in Impact & Blood Moon Rising before pulling the train into the station.

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