Shining Wizards 591: Shook Wizards

Monday night means one thing, the latest and greatest from your favorite podcast.

We are joined by Create A Pro Champion Bryce Donovan, we talk about the journey to the championship, the crazy injury, and the comeback. Working under the Create A Pro learning tree, and what it means to have that opportunity. We talk the Shook Crew, Dog Collar Matches, NJPW, Chase Figures and more. It’s a great introduction to one of the fastest rising stars in wrestling.

Tony then joins the show as the fellas gear up to talk Forbidden Door. We cover our picks, and where we stand after the Pay Per View. Matt thinks it’s time for Jim Ross to take a step back and points out him calling out the referees during the event. This conversation turns into an all out war between Kevin and Tony, you gotta hear it to believe it.

After the discussion, we put a bow on the Forbidden Door, talk about our favorite matches, the Shibata moment, Zack Sabre Jr, the 4 Way dance and more.

After a quick break, we are back to talk some NWA, the latest in the Vince McMahon saga and then it’s on to Down The Aisle. We are joined by the Former Can You Beat That Champion Kevin Rouge as we head to the AWA, Super Clash 4. It’s a wild ride as we talk Jake the Milkman, Todd Becker, The Texas Hangmen, Tommy Jammer, Crockett Cup 1987 & MORE. It’s a fun trip and great talk. Before wrapping up Kevin Rouge hits us with a question about Ali & MJF. We share photos of Tony Khan hugging Claudio, and Tony plays us a video to close the case on his referee argument.

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