Shining Wizards 593: Falling off a Cliff

Monday Night, and You Know What That Means

Another episode of your favorite wrestling podcast

Right from the start, Matt is annoyed at the committee, he want’s to challenge for the Can You Beat That Title. We catch up on the week that was for us, Kevin’s computer kicked the bucket, Tony & Matt had uneventful weeks.

This leads us to the latest in the Vince McMahon news. He’s paying 4 women much more to keep quiet then he did for the tape libraries of WCW & ECW. This leads us on an interesting conversation, then it turns into to what would you do for 7.5 Million Dollars, and what would you do for 1/2 a mortgage payment.

From Vince we go to Jordynne Grace and the Chris Benoit tweet. We discuss the tweet, what she implies & cover the apology. It’s a conversation that covers it all, and it’s something that really makes you think.
We are then joined by the Dominican Destroyer Vargas ahead of his huge match against Brian Myers. We talk Create a Pro/WrestlePro, tag team vs Singles, the New York Jets, and what to expect from him on July 24th and much more. It’s a great introduction to Vargas

We hit on a few notes from AEW, New TNT Champion and get Tony annoyed before taking a quick break

Back from break we talk a little NWA, Tim Storm, Impact Wrestling, Kushida, Time Splitters, CHAOS, Davey Richards, MLW, and of course the MLW Top 10 before The Can You Beat That Champion Christian Rocco joins us to take on Kevin.

It’s an amazing battle and something you need to listen to.

We bring the train into the station with some light wrestling chatter

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