Shining Wizards 594: TV 14

It’s Monday Night and You Know What That Means

The boys are back to talk all things wrestling. Tony Play’s a Thunderfrog liner AGAIN, to kick off the show, and the boys are disappointed. So we decide to play a bunch of liners to see what could have been played instead of Thunderfrog.

From there we catch up with each other, Tony’s got a new bathroom with a toilet as high as a tennis judges chair, Matt has a new deck and Kevin has a bunch of questions.

We jump right into the Ric Flair match announcement.

Raw reportedly going to TV 14, does this mean a new era for wrestling?

Tony brings up Mick Foley signing a new Legacy deal, and we ponder on if the Vince McMahon headlines will have any impact.

We hit on MLW Fusion’s last episode of the year, a jam packed show with Hammerstone vs Holiday

We talk some AEW, and finally get to the root of why Tony isn’t the biggest fan of AEW. We hit on some Dynamite and Rampage, plus some ROH Death Before Dishonor.

We wrap up the 1st half of the show with some NWA talk. Matt is hot about the Mike Knox thing and Tim Storm.

Back from the commercial break we talk some Impact Wrestling. Chelsea Green, Mickie James, Violent By Design, Honor No More, Mike Bailey’s teeth and more.

Some G1 Climax talk from Night’s 1 & 2

Then it’s onto our Wizards Rewind. Back to Superstars of Wrestling from June 13, 1987. It’s a loaded show with lots of stuff for us to talk about. Bad Promos, Title Changes, and more.

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