Shining Wizards 596: CPA Wrestles

It’s Monday Night and You Know What That Means

Another episode of your favorite wrestling podcast.

The boys quickly catch up with each other & talk some NWA. Tony gives us his top 3 from the weekend in the world of NWA. Matt is hot about Billy and the move to put Tyrus in the main event. Tony is disgusted by the amount of titles in the NWA. So the boys discuss, how many titles is too much?

We are then joined by one of our longest friends and independent wrestlers CPA. We discuss a variety of topics from working AEW against Paul Wight, the CPA character and the Dungeon of Doom among other things

After CPA we get into some SummerSlam talk and picks before taking a quick break

Upon our return, we jump right into the Can You Beat That Challenge. The Champion Christian Rocco defends his title against Brendan Heaney in an unbelievable battle. Did Christian retain? Do we have a new champ? Listen to find out

We wrap up with some talk about Ric Flair’s Last Match

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